Problem Solving Handbook

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medlem siden 9. december, 2011

Om projektet

Our dream is to create an E-book that gives everyone access to the valuable problem-solving tools developed during our conference “Braintrust LIVE #1 Interdisciplinary Knowledge Laboratory” held in Copenhagen on April 23rd

What we need

Writing such book is naturally very demanding, therefore we are seeking support in order for us to find great and skilled writers and illustrators that can contribute with content and visuals to the book.

How can we solve complex challenges?

The e-book will be based on the models created by the participants at the conference as well as our own experiences and observations on the day, and we’ll do our very best to create a great-looking, step-by-step, easily applicable E-book guide to solving complex challenges through interdisciplinary and cross-cultural group work. The book will include unique illustrations and accommodate the needs of both academic institutions and innovative workplaces that want their students and employees to take a new, group-based approach to challenges.

Based on students’ creativity and academics’ expertise

At the conference on April 23rd we put 40 students from fifteen countries and 26 diverse academic disciplines to work: Divided into groups of 8 individuals, representing different disciplines and cultures, each participant had to draw on their own disciplinary and cultural expertise and implement it into the group’s solution model to a specific world challenge. By the end of the day, each group exhibited their model and an expert panel representing both innovative organizations and the academic world assisted in elaborating on the model to make it applicable for widespread use.

Have you ever wondered?

Imagine if Michel Foucault, Marie Curie and Nietszche had sat down to come up with a solution to the climate crisis or poverty, bringing their own expertise to the table? In the same way, how do we get a Danish engineer, an Italian bioanalyst and an American anthropologist to jointly come up with ideas on how to tackle major current issues like obesity or youth unemployment?

We believe that solutions to the world’s most complex and demanding problems are going to require the minds and skills of an ever more broad spectrum, and are passionate about encouraging this philosophy.

We would like to spread this passion in our first E-book!

We would therefore be thrilled by and really appreciate your support. And please don’t hesitate to share this with all the great people that you know!

All the best from the Braintrust team

Sigrid, David and Julie