DIS T-Shirt

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Upper Tier Design @uppertierdesign

medlem siden 28. oktober, 2013

Om projektet

Attention DIS!

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Upper Tier Design aka Emily, Francisco, Luke, Ngozi, Reid, and Sophia aka six Creative Industry students assigned to design a fabulous t-shirt just for you.

As you can see, we did just that, and we hope you like it! Our goal was to express Danish authenticity through a classy composition, and to relay the DIS slogan, "Copenhagen as your home, Europe as your classroom" (written in a multitude of European languages), together serving as a reminder of the amazing time you've had abroad.

You could be wearing this shirt home come December but there's just one catch: We need your help to raise enough money for the production phase. Essentially, this is how it works: Pre-order a shirt by donating 100 dkk to our fund. Or, if you simply want to support our cause feel free to contribute any amount you see fit - everything counts! Help us to meet our funding goal and we've got a shirt with your name on it. Don't panic if we fail - all your money goes right back to you. In summary: pre-order or your money back. Our entered goal is incorrect (oops!) and is actually 10,000 kr and not 1,000 kr, we’re sorry for that confusion!

One last thing: This is a competition within our class. That means other groups have created their own designs which they are also trying to market to the student body. As Upper Tier Design, we separate ourselves from the competition by staying true to our name. We only produce sophisticated, top of the line products, hence the long sleeve t-shirt with a classy frocket. That being said, we hope you share our view that this shirt deserves the title of #1. So take 5 minutes to send in your pre-order or even a small donation and don't forget to tell your friends!