BULLDOG - Refillable coffee capsules

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medlem siden 25. september, 2014

Om projektet


is founded by love. Love for great coffee – Love for saving money – Taking care of the environment & love for working together with you in the achievement of doing so.

Make great coffee, tea or coco on your favorite Nespresso Machine.

BULLDOG is a Danish start-up company and our mission is to put your Nespresso machine to better use. Around the world, there’s an estimated use of 6,4 billion capsules a year, and even though Nespresso just launched their recycling strategy, it’s estimated that no more than 20% capsules are recycled.  – And this is only Nespresso.

This leaves us with all the FMCG brands for you to buy in your local supermarket. My guess is that you’ll just dump these in the dumpster as well?!

BULLDOG capsules comes with a led & can be used up to 30 times

- Fill them with you favorite coffe, tea or coco.

What are we going to do with the money?

First of all - we lost our private fundings.

Now, we have a bunch of already designed products, waiting to be introduced for the market and you! - These we would love to buy.

We need the products, so that we can introduce future suppliers of the benefits of BULLDOG.

Thats basicly it.

No money No Honey