Healthy New Food Campaign

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mcespina @mcespina

medlem siden 13. november, 2014

Om projektet

Foodturistic is a volunteer organisation of Global Nutrition and Health students at VIA University College in Aarhus Denmark. We envision a food system that ensures nutritional quality of food and addresses diet-related challenges in the population.

We are looking to raise funds to finance our campaign related activities (seminar & promotional materials). This is part of our school project and we are only capable of covering some of the cost. We would, therefore would like to appeal for your financial aid in any amount to support our cause.

"Healthy New Food Campaign" aims to support healthy eating by promoting and facilitating the development of healthy and nutritious food innovation in Denmark. 

- Foster a stronger collaboration among food entrepreneurs, nutrition and health professionals, students, researchers, investors and industry's innovation experts.
- Encourage and support healthy, innovative production among Danish food businesses
- Promote the production and create demand for healthy and nutritious food innovation.

The upcoming seminar for "Healthy New Food" on Dec 11 will bring together startups in food industry, nutrition and health students and innovation experts to participate and start collaborations that support healthy food innovation in Denmark.

Thank you for any support you are able to provide.

You can follow our website for our future activities.