1st Play Baby Gym

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Lærke Rune Hermansen @loullou

medlem siden 21. august, 2015

Om projektet

About the project

Who would not like to have an all natural Baby Gym for your baby, instead of all the plastic ones on the market today. Now you have the opportunity to help get this product on the market within 2 months.

1st Play is a straightforward and easy-to-build baby gym. It requires neither screws nor glue. Assemble me: place the bar between the two frames - make sure the wholes are facing down. Use the two coloured wedges to hold the gym together. Give the wedges a knock to make sure the gym is fastened right.

1st Play will awake your little ones imagination and encourage their appetite for exploring. Hang your baby’s favourite toy in the bar and let them develop their coordination. 1st play improves senses, it’s soft and warm to touch, it catches their eyes with natural colours and it tickles their tiny noses with the smell of wood.

1st PLAY is made from 12mm birch veneer plywood that comes from FSC certified suppliers. It is not “poisoned” with toxic paints or varnish. We use all natural eco-certified paints to colour them and beeswax to give them a soft polished finish. Nothing unnatural is added and there are no disturbing noises or lights to confuse your baby 1st Play comes in tree different coloured wedges: rose, blue, grey


The goal of this project is to take my baby gym to the market with the first series production and to improve my design. I want to show the world, that there are alternatives the plastic ones you see today.

The prototype has been under development over the last 3 years and has been well tested and now also can fulfil the DS/EN 71-1 standard and CE certification.

Everything will be produced in Denmark by local craftsmen and all material is FSC certified and all natural products.

The steps towards the goal

There are a number of financial needs, that will be solved by the success of this project: I need the funding in order to be able to pay the local craftsman to produce the first series and the marketing cost (Agent & PR) related to get this product to the stores. I will oversee the production myself and do a lot of PR on social media. Also I will use the funding to design new wood rattles to hang in the gym.

This is the final project plan for getting the first series production of 500 pc to the web shops and stores around the world.