Help Indian families get back on their feet.

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Cecilie Caspersen @ceciliecarlsencaspersen

medlem siden 7. december, 2015

Om projektet

Dear beloved human being.

I've decided to skip my holiday and stay in Gingee with the local NGO, CECOWOR. There have been heavy rain which created massive floods all over Tamil Nadu and Chennai was hit hard for the past week. Since all the news are focused on Chennai, being the bigger city, I'm now reaching out to all of you to help the rural districts.
For the past week I've visited villages, who normally struggle to make a living - now with the flood, they are struggling to just make it through the day. I've seen their houses and I saw their pain.
I've dedicated this week to help the people the best that I can, but I need your help. For the next couple of days I ask you to give a donation and please share with friends and family. Together we can help a lot of families. CECOWOR is a small NGO with a strong connection to the villages and community. The staff here doesn't have much themselves, but every day they are fighting for the rights of these villages. Most of the villages are Tribal or Gypsie villages and they are only entitled to small government help, but rarely they see this help implemented. With your help I will do my best for these families to make it through the day, one day at a time. So this is an urgent emergency charity event, so you also can trust that your money goes straight to the families in need.
I will post stories and pictures on the facebook event, so please follow the link for updates. It's hard to hold the hands of these families and walk away from it all to go to a dry house and a warm meal. I'm in the middle of a crisis and I have a responsibility to tell about the situation and hopefully you will help me, help them.
Any donation is a mayor help - with little money you can help a lot in this context.

Thank you for your time and for being a beautiful human being.


PS: The goal is not 2000 DKK, we need A LOT more to help all the families. This was just to make sure we made enough funding! So don't hesitate to donate and share as the help is much needed!

First aid and sanitation
Minimumsbeløb 20,00 During the flood things are broken and people are hurt from it. Bring basic first aid and sanitation for one family for the small amount of 20 DKK / 3 USD.
Keep the families warm and dry
Minimumsbeløb 50,00 All the families houses have been damaged and the water is getting in everywhere. This forces people to sleep on wet floors or on the ground in temples. Help them to stay warm and dry by providing one blanket and one mat for the total cost of 50 DKK / 7 USD.
Clothing for one family
Minimumsbeløb 110,00 Many families lost everything during the floods. Help with clothing: 1 towel, 1 Sari (for women), 1 doti/lungi (for men) and 1 set of children clothes for the total cost of 110 DKK / 16 USD. Many families are average 6 people so please don't hesitate to donate more.
Educational materials
Minimumsbeløb 150,00 Many children lost their school materials during the flood and to keep them in school and away from the floods, these things are very much needed. For 150 DKK / 22 USD you can provide a child with: School bag, note books, pens and pencils,
Your help is so important
Minimumsbeløb 200,00 For 200 DKK / 30 USD you can help: 1 family with everything needed for cooking or 10 families (aprrox. 5 person in each family) with either First Aid materials and sanitation or 20 liters of water or 1 Kg. Dal. You can make a huge difference here for 200 DKK / 30 USD.
Food, water and cooking materials
Minimumsbeløb 335,00 The flood is causing many problems and leaving people without food or clean water. For 335 DKK / 49 USD you be able to provide one family with: 1 stove, 1 pot and a pan, 2 spoons, 5 plates and glasses, 1 emergency light. 3 kg. rice, 1 kg Dal, 1 l. oil, vegetables, biscuits and spices and 20 liter of water.
Bring a whole family back on their feet
Minimumsbeløb 665,00 All of the above things listed has the total cost of 665 DKK / 100 USD. With all these things, including food and water you have helped a family to survive the massive floods in the area. Your help is vital and very appreciated.
Help more than one family
Minimumsbeløb 1.000,00 With a 1000 DKK / 150 USD you can help many families with the basic food supplies and water or help a whole village getting blankets and mats. Thank you from all our hearts!