Hjælp os med at hjælpe Myoda; en ungdomsorganisation i Tanzania

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Lærke Aya Vang @laerkeaya

medlem siden 23. februar, 2017

Om projektet

This summer Ninna Rønberg and I are going to volunteer at Mkuza Youth Development Association located in Kibaha District outside Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania and founded by Obedy Kuguru.

We are going to contribute as much as we possible can to one of his incredible goals; educating the youth in the local community. It's a non-governmental, non-profit organization so they don't have any regular source of income and therefore rely on volunteers and donations.

We will give our time and commitment, but it would be amazing to be able to bring more than that, and maybe be able to support the important work financially as well. There are plenty of reasons why we want to do this. Some of the more specific challenges are for instance the often more than 100 children in one classroom and the lack of proper materials like pen and paper or textbooks.

Besides solving those fundamental challenges of the teaching process, Obedy and the others are raising funds to build and launch a nursery school. At the moment they are using the local church for the nursery. This limits the school to only take place in the mornings, because there are church services afterwards.

Therefore they want to build a new nursery school where the classes can take place permanently and the kids will have their own space to learn.

Even the smallest contributions make an incredible difference!