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siimshady @siimshady

medlem siden 5. april, 2019

Om projektet

Heyy I am Romeo Matthias Hansen a danish boy who is 31 year old
from Denmark. I am an aspiring rapper and performer and I want to live each year in a new Country
and make music.

Here are a few tracks from me :

I am in the situation where I need to collect 100 000 DKK. to start the adventure.
Why because I already lived one year from street music in Berlin but it was
very difficult and dangerous in the end. Safety and comfort is important I realized.

My vision is to live in a new Country each year and make
World music. Music that reflects the Country and it's culture. By going to the Country I will get ideas and inspiration
for new music.

To this day I have lived in 8 different Countries and done 30 different
jobs. You might ask why so many jobs? The question is simple. Without trying out something, you don't know what it is about :) 

I have also been studying business and communication in France
and studyied Psychology in Sweden. Beside this I am a certified English teacher and massage therapist. I have been working in management, sales, restaurants, hotels, mountains. You name it.  I am self made.

I have decided to go all in on the music but I need your help to start the adventure. By the way I learned to freestyle rap when I took a one-way ticket to Jamaica. I ended up in the middle of a jungle in no man's land. Living with rastafarian's, what an experience!

I want to make it as a rapper because it is a dream I hold very close to my heart. Music gives me wings to fly with and I want others to fly with me.

I start streaming online but for me it is not the real way to make music. There needs to be a real audience and it has to be live. I find it strange to make music infront my computer with other people watching you. Live is much better :)

Im a very positive, open-minded and creative thinking person and I absolutely love to share my music with you. I can give you a very unique experience with a cultural mix. For example you will see me make music from India, then Japan, then some rap from the US. Then maybe World music from Africa or even reggae.

Doing the thing that makes me feel the inner joy and sharing with you is priceless. Being a rapper is phenomenal and to know that I can learn others to create the same is a blessing.

The funds will be used for expenses of travelling to Zanzibar, Japan, India, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Africa including some living expenses.

Your support means everything and I am very thankful for any support I get.