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Kim Høltermand @holtermand

medlem siden 5. januar, 2021

Om projektet

Since 2018, I have curated Nowhere Diary on Instagram, spending hours and hours scouting the most amazing and unique photography out there.

The time has come to breath even more life into the world of Nowhere Diary and launch a website. A place for sharing even more incredible stories from photographers, featuring books on photography and inspire people of all ages with a passion for photography.

When I started Nowhere Diary in 2018, it didn't even exist. No hashtags, no posts, no nothing.

Nowhere Diary has since evolved into an amazing community of 290,000+ followers who engage daily with the stories and posts I curate.

I have had the honor of featuring the work of such amazing photographers such as Todd Hido, Greg Girard, Paul Kranzler & Andrew Phelps, Maria Lax, Alys Tomlinson, Michael Lundgren, Jason Koxvold, Mark Mahaney, Tim Carpenter, Molly Matalon, Lorena Lohr, Kyle Thompson, Cody Bratt, Vincent Desailly, Shannon Taggart, Ward Long, Raymond Meeks, Jesse Lenz, Ron Jude, Richard Beaven, Nik Roche, Ken Light, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Guillaume, Tomasi, Arnaud Montagard, Justine Kurland, Maude Arsenault, Peter Watkins and many more.

I have accomplished this in many ways:

  • Consistently sharing the best photography out there.

  • Creating 'Nowhere Memories': Unique and incredible stories of photographers and their work.

  • Creating 'Nowhere Newsletter': Weekly newsletter featuring the best in photography.

  • Featuring the best photography books - both from publishers and self published.

What I Need:

  • A website for Nowhere Diary.

  • Additional funds will be used to keep evolving Nowhere Diary.

What You Get:

  • Every contributor will be immortalised on the new website's supporters page no matter the size of your contribution.

  • The finished website will give you more features, resources, and inspiration than you can imagine.

  • More unique content to come in the future.

In the 2 years of Nowhere Diary's existence, I have worked night and day to bring you the best photography and share your work no matter where you're from or how many followers you have.

Nowhere Diary is unique and unlike anything out there and best of all it is curated by a photographer.

And not just any photographer - a photographer with an endless passion for photography, a sparkling imagination and drive to tell your story and show your work.

Nowhere Diary is the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I think about before I go to sleep - it has become me.

It is time to bring Nowhere Diary to the next level - and make a website.

The website will have all the stories and content of the Instagram but in a clean style true to the "Nowhere mood" and it will be much easier for users to navigate.

A tonne of resources will be added to the site!

The site will also help to serve as a place for other photographers to showcase their work to the growing Nowhere Diary community.

I want to continue bringing you the best photography and I want to create the best website possible - for years to come.

I want to continue building a unique community for photographers, publishers, and followers of Nowhere Diary and I need your help to make this happen.

Aiming to release the new website around the beginning of 2021.

Most of the content for the new website already exists. It just needs to be transferred to the new site once it's updated and live.