Help NOHRLAND launch their debut EP

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Sophia Nohr @sophiazieglernohr

medlem siden 31. juli, 2015

Om projektet

NOHRLAND is the melodic universe of original scandinavian folk and bluegrass. In 2019, NOHRLANDs music was chosen to be on the soundtrack for the danish movie ‘Mødregruppen’ which premiered in february. All the songs appearing on screen are from demos recorded in a home studio. NOHRLAND is working on recording all songs from the film in a studio with a dedicated producer to make the songs ready for release on NOHRLANDS debut EP. The single  ‘coma stream’  is an example of the final product. Thats why NOHRLAND is making this fundraising to make that come true for all the songs. We will appreciate any contribution and will host a speciel release concert when the debut EP is ready.

NOHRLAND background:
As child Sophia Nohr wandered the fields of west Zealand in the danish country side, while making up melodies and hymns inspired by her childhood heroes; Canadian native icon Buffy Sainte-Marie, Faroe artist Eivør Pálsdóttir and the evocative american singer songwriter Joan Osborne amongst others.

In 2017 Sophia started a search for musicians with the same compassion for the origin and acoustic soul in folk and world music, and the band NOHRLAND was formed.

Sophia and Kasper Søderlund found inspiration in one another and they became the core of the NOHRLAND universe. Sophia and Kasper shared stories  of despair, luck, stigma, courage, remorse, trauma and resilience in a postmodern reality. Stories that came from their own everyday lives, from hopes and from fears, and in a corporative musical process it has become the stories of NOHRLAND. Blending elements of traditional folk and bluegrass with contemporary pop, NOHRLAND writes music that is incomparable and yet familiar. An authentic and new sound to the music scene. NOHRLAND has already made all songs for their next album after the debut EP - so there is a lot more on the way